Buy Imitrex Online

Buy Imitrex Online

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Buy Imitrex Online

Imitrex is one of the most well known and commonly used migraine drugs worldwide. Imitrex is available as generic drugs with “Generic Imitrex” and this is obviously a cost saving alternative for the brand-version.

Imitrex vs Generic Imitrex

Obviously Imitrex and Generic Imitrex is available in different strengths, like all other medicines. The active ingredient in Imitrex is Sumatriptan. For example with Imitrex 25mg (with 25mg Sumatriptan) and Imitrex 50mg (with 50mg Sumatriptan) and the strongest version Imitrex 100mg ( with 100mg Sumatriptan).

Another alternative to Imitrex is Imigran which has a similar working.

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